A Brief History Emmerich (Berlon)

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Oct 09


The Emmerich name has been associated with the manufacturing of high-quality wooden tools since 1852, at that time we were based in the town of Remscheid, Germany.











old exhibition

1932 Brought about the beginning of our over 80-year long story of British manufacturing when Friedrich Wilhelm Emmerich opened our first workshop in Bermondsey, South London.










1951 Festival of Britain Certifcate

The following 19 years saw our workbenches become a hit in classrooms and workshops across the country, with our products being chosen to display at The Festival of Britain in 1951, to this day we get customers contact us who still use benches built by us in that era just over 60 years later.









1966 EMIR Building Single Photo


In 1966 we moved to our purpose built factory in Ashford where we still are today, it was during this period that we began manufacturing components for Harris Looms then based just down the road in Hawkhurst, later on during the 1970’s we took over the complete manufacturing and marketing of Harris Looms.









During the 1970’s we began showcasing our products for the world to see at international trade shows, it was also during this era we began manufacturing plastic floats and hawks many of which we still produce today more than 40 years later.












1980s T

The 1980’s was an extremely innovative time for us seeing the release of many revolutionary products such as our Mitre box an invention conceived in collaboration with BBC Engineer Douglas Smith allowing both professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike to get the perfect angle every time when  installing coving and skirting boards, Our first computerised loom allowing weavers to design their creations on screen using a BBC Micro computer running our Dobby Designer program then see it come to life on our numerically controlled loom and even a line of plastic polo balls which gained royal approval from The Prince of Wales while playing a game of polo during the 1983 royal tour of Australia, there’s some brilliant footage of the match on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OuefNIVEQE.

A line of such new and innovative products brought us to the attention of newspapers and magazines from Switzerland to Shanghai.





On March the 2nd 2000 we decided to give this new internet thing a go and launched our website emir.co.uk, we had so much to say and not much space to say it, 17 years later our website has become the main port of call for finding information on our products.











Today we remain a family owned business with a long established workforce with just over 450 years of combined experience, all of our products are manufactured here in Ashford where we have been based since the mid-1960s, we take pride in the quality, fitness for purpose and durability of each of our products, It’s these three factors which we attribute to the success of our just over 80 year long story of British manufacturing.









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