Emir cutting tables 101

Aug 04

Emir Cutting Tables 101

We often get phone calls and emails asking a lot of the same questions about our Cutting Tables and how can we blame you, over the years and many website updates a lot of the information regarding our Cutting Tables has been accidentally left behind, so what better way to clear things up then in a quick and easy blog post.



What size are your Cutting Tables?

In short any size you want, here at emir all our Cutting Tables are bespoke and made to order meaning that we can tailor them to suit your needs, from pigeon holes to extendable flaps we have produced thousands of bespoke components requested by customers over the years so feel free to drop us a line and tell us what you have got in mind on our contact form: www.emir.co.uk/contact-emir/ or via email at: info@emir.co.uk.

Ann Fryer Cutting Table (14)























What are they made from and where are they made?

All of our cutting tables are made from sustainably sourced beech which began life over 100 years ago in forests from Southern Scandinavia to Central Spain, like all of our products our cutting tables are made in Britain, brought in as raw timber and then lovingly put together by our team of highly skilled craftspeople with over 350 years of combined experience.








Cutting table - multi shelves (1)



I have a great idea for my table will you be able to make it for me?
Yes, we have produced thousands of bespoke components for our cutting tables over the years so if we haven’t made it already we probably can now, the best thing do is to send in a sketch along with some dimensions just to make sure we have the same thing in mind.










Castor close up


How are they delivered ?
In short anyway you want them to be, we have made thousands of deliveries over the years so we know not everyone’s situation is the same, luckily here at Emir for the most part of our range we don’t rely on Third party components meaning that we can manufacture your bench to accommodate to any possible access issues that may arise during delivery.


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