The EMIR bench design is readily adaptable because it is based on inter-changeable components. If you don’t see exactly what you require we offer an exclusive bespoke bench making service. These benches are made to the same exacting specification you expect from the EMIR range. You can be assured the quality and durability will be every bit as good as our standard furniture range.


The Craft range can be combined with our bespoke service to ensure the bench meets your needs and specifications which can be seen in the example of the Watchmakers bench that has been built to specific dimensions (including the drawers) and included a different style top for one of our customers.

Joiner’s Bench

by Emir Admin in Craft, Workbench
Standard EMIR underframe
Fitted with aprons and recessed to take an optional carpenter’s vice
Vice can be fitted to the substantial sub-top
The work surface is screwed on and replacement is economical when worn out
The vices are fitted to the sub-top and are not disturbed when replacing the top
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Watchmaker’s Workbench

by Emir Admin in Craft, Workbench
Manufactured to clients’ specific requirements
Frame based on standard components but with an adaption of drawer sizes
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The Cabinet Maker Workbench features a classic design which has been favoured by craftsmen for generations. Read more!
Features a full-length tool rack at the rear and a well with sweep out shutes
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Jeweller’s Workbench 1293

by Emir Admin in Craft, Workbench
Jeweller’s available in single place (with surround), dual or four place versions (see Bespoke)
The semi-circular cut out facilitates close-up work
Comes complete with replaceable jeweller’s peg
Optional inset steel anvil plate
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