Reeds and Raddles

Harris Looms make high quality reeds for pushing weft securely into place and raddles for ensuring even warp distribution.
Both reeds and raddles are available in a variety of sizes and prices are given upon request.

Reeds SS 118 O/A high with Alu cap 6mm

Code: L238/08 30cm (15") Reed 8dpin
Code: L238/14 30cm (15") Reed 14dpin
Code: L261/08 30cm (15") Reed 8dpin
Code: L261/10 61cm (24") Reed 10dpin
Code: L261/14 61cm (24") Reed 14dpin
Code: L261/18 61cm (24") Reed 18dpin

Raddle 4 dpin, removable top

Code: L301 61cm Raddle (24")
Code: L300 30cm Raddle (15")


Find out what makes Harris Looms a great choice for accessories:

  • 100%
    well known
    Supplied to craft weavers and schools
  • 100%
    A variety of sizes are available
  • 100%
    Quality accessories
    Designed for Harris Looms

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