Beautifully crafted Harris Looms shuttles for hand weaving made from high quality beech.
Includes stick shuttles, boat shuttles and roller shuttles. Prices available upon request.

Stick Shuttles

Code: L310 Stick Shuttle 23cm (9")
Code: L311 Stick Shuttle 38cm (15")
Code: L312 Stick Shuttle 61cm (24")

Boat Shuttles

Code: L313 Boat Shuttle 28cm (11")
Code: L314 Boat Shuttle 33cm (13")

Roller Shuttles

Code: L315 Roller Shuttle 28cm (11")
Code: L316 Roller Shuttle 33cm (13")


  • 100%
    Well known
    Supplied to craft weavers and schools
  • 100%
    A variety of sizes are available
  • 100%
    Quality Accessories
    Designed for Harris Looms

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