NC LOOM 8, 16 & 24 SHAFT

Complete with electronic dobby controller for the rapid development of woven samples up to 61cm wide. Single foot treadle or CA piston operated. CAD/CAM system – a package for weave design linking the NC loom to the computer. The low cost program ‘Weave PC’ is suitable for 8 shaft. Professional Weave PC4 is available up to 24 shaft with unlimited plan sizes. This means that designs can be viewed on the 


computer and can be woven simultaneously, which allows the user to build and correct the pattern pick by pick. Designs can also be recorded, analysed and updated. The CAD system can cut down on design time and costs and bring greater freedom and pattern variety and choice to fabric production. A stainless steel reed option is also available.


Find out what makes Harris Looms a great choice for weavers

  • 100%
    Liberates the designer from many repetitive tasks
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    Links the NC loom to the computer
  • 100%
    Single foot treadle or CA piston operated

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