EMIR Square Workbenches are available in three main designs: the 2133 features a four rail underframe and has the option of a large storage shelf; the 2500 has a diagonal underframe which is ideal for seated work and the 4000 is a four place steel framed workbench that is designed for four students to sit around. 


The Square Workbench can be customised to meet your specifications through the choice of vices, the tops available and the storage options. Cupboards fit underneath the bench top and are available in four colours: red, blue, green and grey. The Square Workbench 4000 can be fitted with a 4 door, 2 sided cupboard that still allows for seated working.

Square Workbench 4000

by Emir Admin in Square, Workbench
Four place steel framed workbench
Features adjustable feet
Designed for four students to comfortably sit around
Takes all the existing EMIR worktops
Features an optional tray that can be fitted in the foot well
Optional 2-sided four door cupboard
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Square Workbench 2500

by Emir Admin in Square, Workbench
Features diagonal underframe
Manufactured from 75mm beech
Drawbolted for rigidity
The underframe allows for standing or seated work
Vices are an optional extra
Also available with cupboards
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Square Workbench 2133

by Emir Admin in Square, Workbench
Beech four rail underframe gives maximum rigidity
Option of a large storage shelf
Shown with lino top
Optional medium vice
Also available with cupboards for extra storage
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