Adjustable Height Workbench

The Varihi range of adjustable height workbenches are a great option for those carrying out seated and standing work as the worktop is adjustable to your height. The Varihi work bench is an ideal choice for those requiring wheelchair access as the arms of the chair can fit under the worktop. This allows students to sit closer to the table and enjoy a more comfortable working environment. The worktop height can be adjusted from 70cm to 100cm by means of a button or crank handle. 


The variable height feature has been extended to our other EMIR benches, giving you more flexibility in whatever your field of work. This includes our Cutting Tables where the top can be adjusted to suit a variety of activities, lowering the risk of back pain. While we have a range of benches that are suitable for the classroom, we aim to meet each client’s needs. To discuss your requirements and what options are available, contact us today and speak to Carolyn.

Newly developed product
Combines Perimeter bench design with variable height
Durable work surface
Cupboards available
Vices optional
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Features storage space with foot rail end to accommodate machinists
Excellent storage
Available with or without castors
Suitable for seated or standing work.
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Made to our high standards, the variable height jeweller bench is suitable for all. Read more!
Adjustable in height from 70cm to 100cm
Height adjusted by crank handle or electric push button
Steel frame
Available with a variety of tops
Can be bolted to the floor for maximum rigidity
Normally supplied with levelling pads to stand on the floor
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Square Varihi

by Emir Admin in Varihi
4 place workbench
Reversible centre tray
Can include woodwork vices up to 9”
Can also be used for metalworking in conjunction with the P1 vice pad
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