From Design & Technology classes to Fashion Design courses, EMIR provides a wide range of benches to fit your needs. 

Our Square Workbenches are ideal for woodwork and metalwork projects and provides four workspaces per bench. EMIR workbenches can also incorporate cupboards to add storage to classroom space as all our benches are made-to-order. 

Our Multi-Function range solves the common problem of moving from woodwork to metalwork classes as the benches can easily adapt to both types of work. The solid beech underframe and worktop ensures the bench has maximum rigidity to withstand racking forces and constant use. 


For compact classrooms, our Perimeter Workbenches fit against the walls of the room to provide quality worktops. These benches can also be fitted with your choice of vices and Perimeter Cupboards that fit under the worktop.

The Varihi range was designed with special needs schools in mind so that disabled students are able to work in a space designed to fit their needs. The worktop height can be adjusted from 70cm to 100cm which provides plenty of room for wheelchairs to fit under the worktop, meaning students are able to sit closer to the work surface in greater comfort. If you require something specific, we also offer a bespoke bench making service where we can build to your exact specifications.

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